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God Of The Poor (Beauty for brokenness)

Beauty for brokenness
Hope for despair
Lord, in the suffering
This is our prayer
Bread for the children
Justice, joy, peace
Sunrise to sunset
Your kingdom increase!

Shelter for fragile lives
Cures for their ills
Work for the craftsman
Trade for their skills
Land for the dispossessed
Rights for the weak
Voices to plead the cause
Of those who can't speak

God of the poor
Friend of the weak
Give us compassion we pray
Melt our cold hearts
Let tears fall like rain
Come, change our love
From a spark to a flame

Refuge from cruel wars
Havens from fear
Cities for sanctuary
Freedoms to share
Peace to the killing-fields
Scorched earth to green
Christ for the bitterness
His cross for the pain

Rest for the ravaged earth
Oceans and streams
Plundered and poisoned
Our future, our dreams
Lord, end our madness
Carelessness, greed
Make us content with
The things that we need

Lighten our darkness
Breathe on this flame
Until your justice
Burns brightly again
Until the nations
Learn of your ways
Seek your salvation
And bring you their praise

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1993 Make Way Music,

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Psalms 107:1-43

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  • Comment Link Lourd Ian Lirazan Thursday, 15 October 2015 09:14 posted by Lourd Ian Lirazan

    Been LSS with this song for days after listening to it from Spotify. The cure I concocted was to translate it in my native tongue -- Hiligaynon. I managed to do only the chorus. I wonder if this would be of interest. Here's my attempt:

    Dios sang Kubos

    Dios sang kubos
    Abyan sang maluya
    Malu-oy ka sa amon
    Buk-a ning dughan
    Tunawa'ng kagarukan
    Huypi ni'ng gugmang
    Igpat, nga magkalayo.

    Now, I'm in LSS again... but in my own native tongue. Like the song very much especially that this song speaks straight to the condition of many fellow Filipinos.

  • Comment Link Ellie Fenwick Tuesday, 16 June 2015 17:00 posted by Ellie Fenwick

    Hey Andy, thank you very much for giving me that link- it really helped with my programme notes and origins. Cheers, Ellie x

  • Comment Link Andy Thursday, 11 June 2015 08:47 posted by Andy

    Hi Ellie, this video by Graham gives some insight into the lyric:

  • Comment Link Ellie Fenwick Wednesday, 10 June 2015 19:50 posted by Ellie Fenwick

    I'm a member of a Junior Choir and was wandering if Graham could explain the inspiration behind this hymn, and if the lyrics came from anywhere in particular. Thanks!

  • Comment Link Ruth Duncan Friday, 31 October 2014 11:21 posted by Ruth Duncan

    I think the video that Graham has posted says a lot about the background of his thinking in the writing of this hymn. There are so many images of people who need action to improve their lives. Compassion, yes, money, yes, but people who will carry the spark of action into the flame of real work for Christ into the fields where people - as Graham said - are met by God in Christ who comes to the rubbish heaps. That "God in Christ" person has to be Someone. You who reads this?

  • Comment Link BJ Hoeltke Thursday, 20 June 2013 17:04 posted by BJ Hoeltke

    Has Graham provided any insight behind the meaning of this hymn, "Beauty for Brokenness?" I am writing an analysis on the hymn and can't find anything substantial written!

    Thanks for any guidance or better would be email contact with Graham!

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