Lent Laments

Graham presents a short series of Laments during Lent.

How long?

It’s a question on countless lips right now, expressing a whole gamut of emotions from weary frustration to exhausted desperation. It is also an ancient question and one which echoes down history from the psalms of lament. ‘My soul is in deep anguish. How long, Lord, how long?’ That’s just one verse from Psalm 6 [v3].

The question is addressed to God, because after all, who else really knows? And anyway, our souls seek much more than mere information, such as a date and time when it will all end. We seek hope, comfort and meaning and instinctively we know that God alone is the source of these human necessities.

So, in taking a psalm of lament on our lips we begin a journey, starting with the harsh reality of where we are and how we feel, and immediately we have a travelling companion, the lamenting psalmist, with whom we begin to climb out of the confinements of our circumstances or state of mind, towards the larger spaces of God-possibilities.

Lent Lament 1