Song Resources for Christmas

12 Songs for Christmas

Graham has written several albums and songs for the Christmas and Advent season.

We have created a playlist of the 12 most popular songs and Graham has made a short video about each song, the story behind them and how they can be used. There is also a lyric video for each song that can be downloaded or streamed.

See the 12 Songs of Christmas Playlists below.

There is also a Spotify playlist of the 12 songs plus a bonus version of Dreaming of a Holy Night which was re-released last year.

Other Popular Songs

A playlist of other Christmas songs by Graham is also available below. Become a 'follower' or 'subscriber' of the playlists to keep it easy to find.

All Christmas Songs

A full list of Christmas and Advent songs by Graham Kendrick is available here:

Christmas Albums

The Gift (Make Way For Christmas)

The Gift (Make Way For Christmas)

Rumours of Angels

Rumours of Angels

Dreaming of a Holy Night

Dreaming of a Holy Night

12 Songs for Christmas Introduction

Adore (You Stepped Down From Heaven)

Thorns in the Straw (Since the Day the Angel Came)

The Candle Song (Like a Candle Flame)

Tonight (Glory to God)

Song for Christingle (Can You See What We Have Made)

Heaven Invites You to a Party

Earth Lies Spellbound (Wake Up)

Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again

God With Us (He Walked Where I Walk)

What Kind of Greatness

Dreaming of a Holy Night