An Introduction to Psalmsurfing

Watch Graham talk about how wrapping our hearts around the words of the Psalms through improvised singing can help us in our daily lives.

Graham describes Psalmsurfing as ‘Worshipping God with an ‘open agenda’, catching the waves as Word and Spirit combine in the improvised singing of scripture - especially the Psalms. Seeking sacred space where creative adventures in prayer, praise and ministry can be inspired, arts and voices together in scripture-driven worship’.

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Psalm 27 Part 1

Psalm 27 Part 2

Psalm 33

Psalm 91

Psalm 84

Psalm 46

Psalm 34 Part 1

Psalm 34 Part 2

Psalm 63

Psalm 96

Psalm 119

Isaiah 61

Psalm 121

Psalm 113


A lively worship celebration with a difference, all based on the Psalms, and designed not only to be a time of worship and ministry in itself, but also to equip people to use them.

I set out to make it stimulating, fun and accessible, and a good deal of it will involve something I call Psalm Surfing - improvised ‘call and response’ psalm singing on the spot, something which has to be to be fully appreciated – it’s creative, it’s easy to participate in, it’s fun and most of all it helps us to engage with God through His Word.

I believe in learning by doing, so I also involve people in several ways to use the Psalms that they can carry over to their personal devotions and small group situations. Rather than give lengthy teaching, as I go along I will stitch the elements together with nuggets of explanation and illustration.

It can be as large a gathering as you like, and the desire is to gather as many as possible of your all-age community of worshippers - something for the wholechurch to experience together rather than being a specialist activity. I also like to encourage people who are talented in the arts, e.g. painters, dancers, poets, writers etc, to be present and seek to respond creatively to the stimulus of Word and Spirit that using the Psalms in this way generates.

It may also be possible to have a separate question and answer session with worship leaders, musicians and those gifted in areas of the Arts to explore how to develop your own Psalm-based activities.

As you can see, this is not a concert performance – myself, [sometimes one or two other musicians depending on the scale of the event], in-house PA's can sometimes be used, and potentially some of your musicians who are able to improvise. It won’t be a show, it won’t be a sing-along of classic songs, and every occasion will be unique and different.

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