I Was Made For This

Oh I was made for this
To know your tender kiss
To know a love divine
To know this love is mine
And I was made to laugh
And I was made to sing
Given the gift of life
You gave me everything

My feet were made to dance
My spirit made to soar
My life is not by chance
You give me more and more
For I was made for you
And I have made my choice
And all that stole my joy
I left it at the cross

So I will celebrate and drink your cup of joy
I will give thanks each day and sing
My joy is found in you and you are all my joy
Oh I was made for this

When I was far away
You ran to welcome me
I felt your warm embrace
I saw your smiling face
And when you rescued me
I saw my destiny
To worship you my Lord
To be a friend of God

(repeat chorus)

I was made to love you Jesus
I was made for this
I was made to love you Jesus
I was made for this (repeat chorus)

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1995 Make Way Music,

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