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See Your Saviour Comes

See your Saviour comes (x 2)

Desolate cities, desolate homes
Desolate lives on the streets
Angry and restless when will you know
The things that would make for your peace?

See your Saviour comes (x 2)

Father of mercy hear as we cry
For all who live in this place
Show here your glory come satisfy
Your longing that all should be saved

See your Saviour comes (x 2)

Where lives are broken let there be hope
Where there's division bring peace
Where there's oppression judge and reprove
And rescue the crushed and the weak

See your Saviour comes (x2)

Lord let your glory dwell in this land
In mercy restore us again
Pour out salvation grant us your peace
And strengthen the things that remain

See your Saviour comes (x2)

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1996 Make Way Music,

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